Eglober is belongs to BOW Yuan International Group HK Limited. It is pany for Developing, Designing, Manufacturing, and promoting work system, Vehicle AI system like DSM system and ADAS etc vehicle security systems, GPS, and GPS TRACKER, MDVR, and the relevant I-Cloud platform system, and to provide the relevant intelligent data statistics analizy forms according to the customers requiement!
There are 20 software engineers, and 30 hardware engineers, also keeping strongly and closely with some of our local university cooperation.
plus anythings connections blooming, EGLOBER follows the trend of the time to develop the I-Cloud and data Analize platform system basic on our hardware  systems, to setup a work lives to support the customers from around the world. it is greatly to improve safety, effency, saving cost, and accurate for the customers. special for the fleeting management!
All of our units is built-in work system, combineb with I-Cloud platform system, it is concerned with not Vehicles, but also other work monitoring, like warehouse monitoring and calculating ystem, intelligent mould monitoring, pet track, etc. 
We will always follow our strong and  advanced idea to serve our customers from around the world!
See you in HK Airport Exhibition from October 11th to 14th.